>UT beats Memphis…in basketball.

>When it comes to men’s basketball at Tennessee, I’m still a bit jaded. I know we did well last year and I can see where the team has the potential to be really good for more than one year, but you couldn’t have convinced me of that yesterday.

Memphis is a basketball school and going into last night’s game, I was hopeful to see Tennessee win but not expecting a victory. I was just hoping we’d make it respectable.

So, when the Vols got down 5-0, I had a bad feeling. And then, it all started to click for the Vols.

And we won–and not just by a few points, but by 18.

That’s a lot against a quality opponent like Memphis.

And suddenly I find myself optimistic about Tennessee men’s basketball. I find myself thinking that last year wasn’t just a fluke and they weren’t just teasing me. That we may, finally have a good men’s basketball team this year.

I’m feeling optimistic….which is right about the time in the past the team has always let me down.


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