>The legend continues to grow

>I feel like a Cubs fan every week as I say, “Just wait ’til next year…”

But unlike the Cubs fans, I think we Titans fans have a good reason for optimism as we head into the final weeks of the season and next the ’07 football campaign.

Add another page to the growing legend of Vince Young. The man just seems to thrive in the fourth quarter. Today, he took it to a new level in overtime, helped by Adam “Pacman” Jones who seems to be making headlines on the field instead of off the field…thank goodness. (I had a cousin at my grandfather’s visitation tell me one of his sports heroes was Pacman and then he quickly added–on the field, only, not off. Which is a good thing).

How awesome was the run to end it? As Vince took off and blew past Houston defenders as he got to the 20, I said, “It’s over, he’s gonna score.”

Vince Young–you are da man. Floyd Reece and Jeff Fisher owe you a dinner because you have single-handedly pulled their fat out of the fire and and ensured that neither of them will be fired at season’s end.


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