>The busiest time of the year

>I think I’m just about Christmas/holiday partied out. I’ve been to a Christmas party every night this week except Tuesday and I’ve got another one tonight. Don’t get me wrong here–all of them have been a great time and I’ve enjoyed them all (each for their own reason), but man it just seems like there’s a lot of partying going on in my life right now.

And the scary part is that that doesn’t include the Christmas/holiday parties I was invited to but for one reason or another wasn’t able to make. Last time I counted, there were four of those.

Between all of that, starting a new job and just life in general, I will admit I’m nowhere close to the state of doneness I’d like to be on the Christmas shopping. I thought I’d stop by Toys R Us last weekend to see what they had for my neice. Again, why do I think I will be the only one with this brilliant idea? One look at the parking lot was enough to convince me that going in there would only take me out of the Christmas spirit.

I’ll admit I’m having a hard time finding a present for my neice. Part of the problem is I’ve never been a five-year old girl so I have no idea what is cool to get if you’re a five-year-old girl. I do know I want to get her Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (The Gene Wilder version, not the Johnny Depp one) on DVD because we had a good time watching it on cable when I babysat once. (She thinks I have it on DVD and can make the Oompa Loompas magically appear whenever she asks…alas, not the case.) But I haven’t found it anywhere for sale. If I don’t find it this weekend, it’s Amazon.com time.

I will admit I wasn’t feeling in the Christmas spirit until last Sunday. It was the big choir cantata at church. I was part of it, ringing the handbells with three pieces, including The Carol of the Bell done by the handbells and sung by a full choir. Just awesome. I’m not even sure Ebeenzer Scrooge could have resisted the Chistmas spirit hearing it. I’ve got a recording of it which I hope to get posted this weekend for all of you to hear.

I was also kind of giddy to find an .mp3 of Sixpence None the Richer’s cover of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” Too much fun, I tell you. That reminds me–I watched Frosty and A Charlie Brown Christmas with the neice and nephew last week. I need to watch The Grinch. (The cartoon not the Jim Carey movie) And, of course, the greatest Christmas movie ever made, Christmas Vacation. (Please for the love of all that is good, do NOT watch Christmas Vacation 2).

So many things left to do before Christmas, so little time. But first things first…I’ve got to get my shopping down this weekend. It will only get more and more insane the longer I let it go.


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