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  • Does anyone else find the sound effects, voices and other such stupid antics that Chris Boomer and Tom Jackson do on ESPN’s The Blitz NFL coverage annoying? I was just watching highlights of the Titans game vs Jacksonville and we were subjected to a bad Irish accent when Cortland Finnegan returned the fumble for a touchdown and the Pac-Man eating pellets sounds when PacMan had the ball. I’ve honestly found Berman’s antics annoying for years and it’s getting worse and worse. Who in the world told this guy he was funny? Just show us the highlights, please. Keep the annoying sound effects, voices and names to yourself.
  • It was a good weekend for my teams. The Vols, Lady Vols, Titans and Redskins all won. Merry early Christmas to me.
  • So, going into the Jacksonville game yesterday, I felt pretty sure the Titans were in for a letdown. And while the offense did have an off day, the defense was superb. I am pleased by how the Titans are winning as a team and extremely hopeful for next year. Sure, I’d love to see the Titans make the playoffs this year, but I’m not expecting it despite their success. Honestly, they’d get in and probably hit a wall. I’d rathre see them win out and go into the off-season on a positive note to build on for next year.

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