>Titans snubbed by ProBowl (yet again!)

>The ProBowl selections came out yesterday and, as usual, the Titans got the snub. No players selected, though a few were put on the list as alternates.

I guess the five-game win streak started too late to get the attention of many people outside the mid-South that the Titans are making some waves in the NFL. Oh well, maybe next year, though I don’t hold much hope since it seems that Titans are routinely snubbed from the national spotlight they deserve.

Sorry, but you will never convince me that we need eight or nine Cowboys games shown nationally a year. America’s team, my left foot…

The good news is that all of America may get to see the good stuff happening here in Nashville on New Years Eve. Buzz is the NFL may option the Titans vs Patriots game to the Sunday night spot and showcase these two teams. As a Titans fan, I can only hope this is the case and if it does happen that Vince and company will make us proud on national television. It could be a stepping stone toward getting back on Monday Night Football or the Sunday night games next year.


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