>So where were you Nashville?

>So, Britney issued the invite to the blog world to come on out to see the taping of the Jeff Fisher Show last night at Buffalo Billards. I went and was expecting hoping to see some of my fellow blogger football fans out there…

And didn’t see a one of y’all!

Imagine my best Jerry Seinfeld voice as I say, “What’s the deal, bloggers?!?”

There was free food, catered by the world-famous Mothership. It was free and it was a pretty good time. Oh and guys, there were two Titans cheerleaders there. What else you going to to do on a rainy Thursday evening?

I know, I know…it’s close to the holidays. And I guess some of you wanted to do silly things like spend time with family or find last minute presents.

Or maybe you were all there and I missd you. You were off in another area having fun and laughing…

“Hey, should we tell Michael we’re here?
“No, he’s far too busy staring at cheerleaders watching the show.”


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