>No wonder he wears red

>I babysat my neice and nephew last night. A good time was had by all, as is always the case when Uncle Michael is around.

Of course, with the close proximity of Christmas, both of them are concerned about Santa’s impending visit tomorrow night. My neice let me help her color a half-dozen or so pictures for Santa. Santa may be leaving with more stuff than he brings if she has her way.

As I was going through the ritual of putting them to bed, my nephew was complaining he didn’t want to go to bed yet. The funny part of this is, he’s saying “I don’t want to go to bed” as he’s putting his head on my shoulder and closing his eyes, or pulling the blanket up on himself and curling up with his stuffed dog and Superman.

My niece looked at him and said, “You need to go to bed or else I’ll tell Mommy and you won’t get a good report to Santa.”

So, wait–his own sister is going to turn him in to Santa?!? What is this–communist Russia?!?

I guess I know now why St Nick wear red…

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