>Flex Scheduling

>Until this week, the NFL’s flex scheduling package had been nothing short of a resounding success. The idea was to create some flexibility to move high profile games to the national, Sunday night spot and not burden the fandom and ratings with duds.

Until this week.

Now, I could be a disgruntled Titans fan and whine that we didn’t get a 3:15 or the 7:30 game. Had the Jet lost, I bet we’d have been bumped to a 3:15 game on CBS, hosting the Patriots. I would have loved the national Sunday night game if only to showcase how far our team has come this year. But I guess that won’t happen.

Instead, the NFL fumbled big time. With at least half a dozen games with playoff implications this week’s big nationally televised game will be the yawner that is Chicago vs Green Bay. Now, before my Chicago Bears fans friends get up in arms about this rivallry and how much it means to the various cities and teams, let me say I know that. And were there some kind of playoff implication to the game, I’d be all for it. Heck, if either of these teams were playing for anything meaningful I’d be all for it. But the Bears have locked up home field advantage in the playoffs. The Packers are playing out the season.

The only wild card is this could be Brett Favre’s last game. I’m all for celebrating the guy if it is really his last game. But you know, at this point, we don’t know. And we won’t know for a few months I’m sure. So to put a what could be game on instead of a game that has real implications for the playoffs seems a huge waste of potential.

And a major fumble by the NFL…


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