>The ride is over…

>Well, the winning streak came to an end today for the Titans.

It’s hard not to be a bit disappointed since two of the three “ifs” for the Titans to get in the playoffs had they won happened in the early games.

That said, I can’t complain about the last two months of the season. Back in October I thought the wheels had come off the wagon and Jeff Fisher was headed toward the exit. But then some small things happened that brought some wins and brought back the pride to the team and the fans. Even Pacman Jones lived up to his potential on the field and stopped acting like a goon off the field.

Let me say this–Vince Young is the rookie of the year and Jeff Fisher is coach of the year. I’m pretty sure the coaching award will go to someone else, but Fisher did more with less than any coach this year. It gives us confidence and hope going into next year that the Titans could take the next step and be in the post-season next season.

One thing I like about Fisher–he’s classy. He’s gracious in winning and a gentleman in defeat. Unlike his counterpart on the other side of the field today. Yes, you Bill Belachick. I’m talking to you. Your team is a bunch of thugs who play dirty, as was evidenced by the multiple personal fouls you ran up today. But I guess they’re a reflection of the win at all costs and damn being a sportsman attitude you have. I don’t give a rat’s hindquarters that Vinny Testaverde could pad his record for passing TDs in a season. It’s insignificant and I think anyone could throw at least one TD pass in twenty straight seasons by not showing the good sense to retire when they should have. But seriously, Bill to have your team pass for a TD when you’re up by 13 with less than two minutes to go shows a complete and total lack of class and sportsmanship. I hear all the time how the Patriots are such a classy organization. I’ve never seen it and today only showed how little class the team has.

I hope if you go to Indy to play and the Colts are up by 20 they keep pouring it on…..I can’t think of another team who so richly deserves it.


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