>ESPN: You suck!

>Dear ESPN,

Your coverage of the Outback Bowl couldn’t be any LESS biased. First of all, I’m sick and damn tired of seeing Joe Pa in the press box. No one gives a crap about the old man…and unless he’s had a heart attack and died, I just don’t care.

And to have Todd Blackledge on the coverage is beyond wrong. First of all, Todd went to Penn State so of course he’s biased. Second of all, Todd never has a kind word to say about the Vols and this is obvious to anyone who has ever heard him call a game. So why he was assigned to this game is beyond me. He should NOT be calling this game!!!!

Show some damn profesionalism for a chance ESPN!

Also, no one gives a shit about Bob Knight and the going after the record. Sorry but he’s not the winningest coach in the NCAA…that record belongs to Patt Head Summit, the coach of the Lady Vols. Stop cutting away to show us Bob Knight eating breakfast, Bob Knight arriving for the game, Bob Knight coming on the court, Bob Knight yawning as the game starts…no one CARES! Again, he’s not getting the record for all-time wins because that belongs to someone else. So maybe, just maybe you could act like a professional, unbiased network and stop loving on Penn State and Bob Knight.

Oh wait–you’re ESPN.

Never mind…

Big Orange Michael


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