>No logic

>There are times when I question the thinking process of whoever schedules the end of season college bowl games.

Last night’s Fiesta Bowl is a case in point. Here in Middle Tennessee, the game started around 7:40 or so CST. That’s about 8:40 in the eastern time zone. And as we all know, these things can be long affairs. Add to it the game went into overtime and I wonder how many college football fans in a majority of the country got to see the end of the game.

I know I didn’t. I have a job that requires I get up early and so I can’t justify staying up until midnight or later for a football game on a work night. Now on a weekend I can when I can sleep in the next day or not be a zombie at the office.

I understand the BCS wants to stagger the bowls out to deliver the ratings and garner the attention each game deserves. But was there anything really wrong with the old system of having a bunch of games all on New Years afternoon or games competiting on various stations for our attention? I can’t imagine the ratings were huge for a game between two lower-tiered teams with automatic tie-ins that went until after midnight on the east coast.

And don’t even get me started on the stupidity of waiting a week after New Years to play the national championship game….


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