>TV Round-Up: 24

>Day Six, 8 -10 a.m.
Last week, I read Stephen King’s EW column where he raved about the fourth hour of 24. In it, he promised there would be two events in the fourth hour of the day that would have us all buzzing.

Of course, this made my mind race a bit, wondering just what these twists could be. Would it turn out Jack had an implanted spy-personality given to him by the Chinese? Or would George return, alive and well, presumed dead all these years but really alive and not so happy about it? Or would we find out that Kim and the cougar from season two had patched up their big misunderstanding and were now good friends?

OK, so most of those are a bit silly. But this is how my mind works.

That said, the two twists in the final few minutes of the fourth hour were as promised–great twists to the story.

One thing about 24--you’re not quite sure where the twists may go. I like that even though it can and does fall into a pattern, there’s still enough of a question in your mind about how people will react to things. In this case, as Jack drew his gun on Curtis and Dr. Bashir, while I knew one of them would die, I wasn’t sure which one it would be for a long time. How interseting would it have been for Jack to kill off his source and lead to the terrorist plot instead of having something else do it? It might have put a great spin on the rest of the day and seeing Jack have to find a way to create new leads, but then again, we’ve been down that road before. Instead, Jack is forced to short and kill Curtis in order to save their source.

This twist leads to Jack’s breakdown, saying he just can’t do this anymore and that he’s done. I almost get the feeling during the first four hours of day six that the writers want to a)show us why Kiefer Sutherland got an Emmy last year and b)earn him another one this year. Seeing how tortured Jack has become has added new layers to our super hero. Of course, we all knew there would have to be something that would draw Jack back in. That said, I didn’t see it coming. The last time we set off a nuclear bomb on 24, it was out in the desert with one major casualty–the previously mentioned George Mason. This time, it’s in L.A. and if that’s not enough of a punch to the gut, we find out there are four more bombs in play.

And with that, I’m officially hooked in for day six. No way am I not watching this unfold now.

Which I have to admit, the last 10 or so minutes of the fourth hour being this great was the kind of hook the show needed. Because I was really getting tired of the melodrama of the family being held hostage with wounded Kumar. The whole family of terrorists next door was done more effectively back in season four. Thankfully, this section of the plot seems to have come to an end now. It was starting to remind me of the season three plot where the kid snuck off to Mexico and brought the virus back with him. In other words–lame.

I was also a bit not so into the pissing contest between Milo and Chloe’s boyfriend at CTU. It does bring up one thought to me–what is it about Chloe everyone finds so hot? I’m just not seeing it. And I haven’t seen since she was introduced. Maybe it’s just me.

I just hope this plotline doesn’t continue to drag itself out. We’ve got four suitcase nukes running around. Surely we can put aside the personal drama and focus on our jobs. Oh wait…I forgot..this is CTU.

And I think the whole Palmer-sister plotline has almost lost my interest entirely. But it could take a turn for the better….I hope.

That said, I like how we’ve introduced the threat of day six. Having an on-going terrorist campaign already in place was nice. I love how tortured it seems to have made Wayne Palmer. And then to see it escalate when he tries to do all the right things, only to see every decision go horribly wrong, is nice. It won’t be long before he’s as jaded and bitter as Jack. And that journey could prove interesting to watch unfold as the rest of day six unfolds.


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