>Big games today

>As if I needed an excuse to enjoy two of the last three football games for a long while, Mother Nature is providing a good one. Today is supposed to be rainy and cold. A great day to watch some football. (Of course, every day is a great day to watch football).

So, who am I pulling for in the games, you ask.

Well, in the AFC it’s all Colts. I’d love to see Peyton Manning get to the Super Bowl and I think they’ve got a good shot. Plus I hate the Pats–they’re classless. Whole organization from Bill Bellachick down is a bunch of classless punks. I’m still annoyed at what they did to get Vinnie Testicle a record by running up the score on the Titans to end the regular season.

As for the NFC, I’m torn. The Saints are a good story, though I’m sick of hearing about how all of America loves the underdogs from New Orleans. The Saints are the flavor of the moment it seems and the popular pick. Which may be why I am leaning slightly toward pulling for Da Bears. Also, my good buddy Logtar loves the Bears and he’d be happy if they got the the Big Game.

As a football fan, I just hope the Saints vs Bears game features snow….I love any football game in the snow .


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