>Thank you..and a plea

>I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who either left a comment or sent me an e-mail (or in some cases both), wishing me a happy birthday on Friday. It was yet another reminder of how blessed I am to have such great friends–many of you I’ve met in person, many of you I know only via e-mails, IMing and blogging.

I had a great birthday celebration Friday evening, including my neice and nephew giving me a “surprise” party. I’m not sure who enjoyed the surpring Uncle Michael part more–them or me.

And I’ve still got leftovers of lasgana and cake to work on this week.


I’ve also got a plea for everyone–I’ve not had a chance to see last night’s Battlestar Galactica yet. With the Colts game going down the wire, I didn’t get a chance to see it. And I’m too anal to jump in in the middle of the show (plus, this is Battlestar, which demands full attention and starting at the beginning). And with the time I have to get up for work (3 a.m.) I couldn’t rewind and watch at 10 p.m. after it was over. (Note to self: get a DVR immediately…)

So, I’ve not seen it….yet. This is something I intend to correct early this afternoon. So, what I’m asking is, if you’ve seen it, please don’t leave any SPOILER filled comments until after noon CST today. I appreciate it.


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