>Ready for the Super Bowl

>Well, my prediction at season’s start of the Redskins vs the Titans in the Super Bowl has (once again) not come to pass.

So, let me just call it early now for next year–Redskins vs Titans in Super Bowl XLII.

Right now, I’ve got the chicken nachos in the crock-pot, simmering away the hours until kick-off (they’re good and soooo easy….). I will not be watching 17 hours of pre-game show. I feel as if I’ve been through eighteen weeks of pre-game show the past two weeks leading up the game. I will tune in promptly at 5 p.m. CST to see the intros and (most importantly) not miss any of the new commercials.

I will admit that this year I’ve got a vested interest in the game. I am actually actively pulling for a team in the game for the first time since after the 1999 season. I am hoping Peyton and the Colts pull off the big win, giving Peyton Manning a Super Bowl ring. And how could I not root for Peyton since he’s such a great guy and he went to the greatest university in the known universe.

Here’s hopin’ Peyton and the Colts win it all!

That said, I’ve got my Titans sweatshirt and Redskins cap on–in solidarity to my two teams and getting ready for next year’s game…


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