>Colts win!

>The Super Bowl is over and the right team won!

Congratulations to the Colts on their big win. And at last maybe this will shut up some of Peyton’s critics–folk, he just won “the big game.”

A pretty good game overall, though I think it’s criminal they didn’t cover the field with tarp when it was raining in Miami all day. Looks like the NFL was trying to throw a little help da Bears way, but that didn’t help. And to hear Mike Ditka out saying it wouldn’t hurt either team–I call bulls**t on that one Iron Mike…it helped Chicago and you know it. At least act like you don’t have a bias!

All that said, how crappy was the half-time show? Who thought having Prince out there would be a good idea?

Seriously–has anyone done a good half-time show in years at the Super Bowl?

Horrible, horrible, horrible. The NFL keeps going to try and please all the people with their choice of the half-time show and ends up churning out crappy show after crappy show. Sad really. And they wonder why people tune out…


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