>More Super Bowl thoughts

>Now that Peyton Manning’s won the Super Bowl and pretty much given a big-old glass of shut-up juice to his critics, you’d think that most of them would shut up.

You’d be wrong.

On the way into work on the sports call in shows I heard:

  • Peyton’s MVP win was rigged.
  • Peyton didn’t dive on the ball when it was fumbled near him but Rex Grossman did.
  • Peyton plays for the Colts and all UT fans who are Titans fans who pull for him are evil.
  • Peyton is responsible for global warming.

OK, so I made the last one up, but you get the idea. It’s insane how some people can’t just get over it and realize that Peyton and the Colts as a team had a good game. Notice I say–the Colts as a team. That was a team effort, because last time I looked Peyton can’t play all the positions on the field.

I do almost kind of feel sorry for Rex Grossman with da Bears. He was so scrutinized going into the game and I can only imagine how brutal its going to be for the next few months up in the Windy City for Rex. (That said, he used to play for Florida, so on that level I can enjoy his futility…) The thing is no matter how well or poorly he played, he was going to be a focal point for discussion and debate. It just so happens that he played not so well and will be the goat for the loss (which you can, quite frankly, pin on da Bears as a whole…their vaunted defense got shredded by the Colts and couldn’t get off the field…)

As for the rest, I still stand by post that the half-time show sucked.

And overall I was underwhelmed by the commercials. I’m not sure what they were on when they thought of having Robert Goulet as the office genie who comes out when you nap at work…

I did like the Blockbuster ad with the mouse though…that one was kind of amusing.


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