>TV Round-Up: 24

>Day Six: 12 – 1 p.m.
As I was watching the latest hour of 24 unfold last night, I kept wondering–so, did the show reach a high point too early with the nuke going off to end hour four? Because the last few weeks since the big premiere have been a whole lot of “sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

I want to give the show the benefit of the doubt for the past few weeks. 24 sometimes struggles moving from one plotline or arc to the next. But it seems as if this year, we’ve been in the holding pattern for three week as we wait for things to develop. It’s almost as if the whole thing of the evil bad guy has four other suitcase nukes has been pushed to the sidelines while we deal with the whole Bauer family drama.

Speaking of which, that family has gone a whole lot of issues, don’t they?

I still am left wondering–who is the criminal mastermind of the Bauer family company of evil. It seems as if this changes week to week. I will give Papa Bauer a lot of credit–he is one heck of an actor. He convninces everyone that he’s a prisoner and not an integral part of the whole terrorists get nukes plotline, only to find out he’s actually the real Dr Evil of the family here. No wonder Jack doesn’t speak to his family very much.

I have a feeling that all of this family drama is intended to give Kiefer Sutherland footage for his Emmy nomination tape later this year. Cause as strange and absurd as the plot twists get on this one (would CTU really let Jack interrogate his own brother?), it gives Keifer a whole lot of chance to show off his acting chops. The scene where Jack interrogates Graem was just incredibly well done as Jack runs the gamut from anger to horror to desparation to make his brother talk. That said–I have to wonder just exactly how Graem conditioned himself to stand up to the pain of being interrogated by Jack. Boy, it sure seems we’ve come a long way from a few hours ago when Jack was reluctant to push the suspected terrorist for information.

It’s also interesting that Graem told Jack that he (Graem) was behind the whole conspiracy last year. So, will we find out that Graem set up Jack to take the slow boat to China? Or was it Daddy Bauer? And man, how pissed is Jack going to be if that comes to light?

Meanwhile, the rest of the storylines feel a bit like the greatest hits from previous season. A vice-president is not happy with how his boss is running things (which makes me wonder just how do the Palmer boys choose their v.p. candidates?), a CTU family member in peril…you get the idea. I will admit I wasn’t the most savy TV viewer because it never entered my mind that Morris O’Brien would be the programmer the terrorists needed. So, that part was a pleasant surprise to me. But the question is–where will it all go? We did see Chloe wield a gun in a previous season. I’d fear for the terrorists if she had to go all Jack Bauer on them. They wouldn’t stand a chance.

At least the Palmer sister plotline was kept to a bare minimum this week. That’s always good news. If they wrote her out of the show now, I don’t think anyone would miss her.

Also, I give the show credit–they did at least show some fallout of the nuclear blast. It wasn’t a major point, but at least it was addressed.

At some point, the second arc for the day has to kick it into high gear. I think we’ve got all the pieces in place now, so here’s hoping next week’s two hours really get things moving.

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