>Some competition might be a good thing

>I’ve posted before about how I find it ironic when you call Comcast’s customer service line for assistance, they pick-up with “Thank you for choosing Comcast.”

Yeah, becuase if I want cable TV in Nashville, I’ve really got a choice…

(Seriously, I have no interest in satellite TV, at all…unless it’s during the fall when they’re talking about the NFL Sunday package…and even then I always manage to talk myself out of it).

For a while now, Comcast has had a monopoly on being the only cable service provider in Nashville. And for a while now, I’ve lamented that there was no competition for them. My hope is that if there were ever a serious competitor in the market, Comcast might stop resting on their laurels and actually offer something resembling customer service and value for the huge price we spend on cable (though they know they’ve got me since without cable, I don’t get ESPN and would miss a ton of UT games).

But now it looks like competition could be on the horizon. I’ve been interested to see that AT&T is seriously considering giving Comcast and other cable companies in Tennessee a run for their money. I say bring it on. A little competition is always a good thing. I hope the state legislature passes the bill that will allow this to happen. It’s a potentially winning proposition for the many cable customers in and around middle Tennessee (and the rest of the state as well).

Of course, having posted this, Comcast is probably going to google their name, find this post and cut off my cable right as Battlestar Galactica starts up Sunday night….


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