>Things I’m sick of hearing about…


  • Ms. Spear’s new hairstyle
  • Vandy vs Florida from Saturday. I was tired of hearing about the whole Kevin Stallings vs Joaquim Noah thing five minutes after it happened, but yet the sports shows around here won’t let it die.
  • Barry Bonds reports to camp. Seriously has there been a bigger non-event ever?!? And seeing Barry sit around and pontificate leads SportsCenter over Michigan State beating Wisconsin?!? One of those is real sports news, the other is…well, a whole lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.
  • Vandy beats Florida. You beat the Gators and I’ve got to admit I’m torn between my hatred of Florida and my complete lack of respect for anything Vanderbilt related. That said, I’m weary of all the Vandy fans who are ready to run down UT for losing to South Carolina on Saturday as y’all beat the Gators. How quickly we forget that not seven days before, the Orange and White wiped the floor of Thompson-Boling arena with you guys….oh yeah, we forgot that part, didn’t we?
  • Will Meredith live or die on Grey’s Anatomy?!? I don’t even watch the show and it seems that everywhere I go, that’s all I hear about. There are other great shows on, people. For example, Friday Night Lights.

I think that covers it, for now. I feel much better.

Wow, this thing is cheaper than therapy….


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