>Act like you’ve won something sometime!

>Driving home for a meeting last night, I had my radio tuned to the Vandy vs South Carolina game (as a Vols fan, I had a rooting interest in South Carolina. Should they win, it was possible the mighty Vols would get a bye in the SEC Tourney next week.).

As the game wound down and they took one of the umpteen jillion time-outs basketball has in the final two minutes of a close game, I heard a commercial that made me laugh.

Now, two years ago, Vandy beat UT in football for the first time since the early 80s and to celebrate the victory, Vandy put out a DVD of the win. I can understand the reasoning and why they’d do it. Begrudingly, I can see why Vandy fans would want to have a copy of the big win, esp. since it’s unlikely it’s going to happen again until at least the year 2030. Then last year, Vandy went to Athens and upset UGA in football. A DVD of the game followed.

Two weeks ago Saturday, Vandy beat then-number-one Florida at home in basketball. And, yep, you guessed it–they’ve got a DVD out of the game. Frankly, I find that to be going to the well one too many times and it makes me lose a bit of respect I’ve got for Vanderbilt. I understand it was a big win over the number one team in the country, but do Vandy fans really need a DVD of this one game to watch over and over again? Following this logic, I expect releases of the Vandy wins over Kentucky this year to follow sometime in the next week or so.

You don’t see UT putting out DVDs of single-game wins, for the most part. Yes, there is a DVD of the national championship game from ’98 but it was the freakin’ national championship game, not just some random game mid-season that we won. I know UT puts out season-perspective DVDs, which include highlights of each game played. But then again, I guess the Vols are used to winning on a regular basis and we don’t need a DVD release of every “big” win we have.


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