>Dear ESPN

>Dear ESPN,

Your “exclusive” coverage of the woman’s NCAA tournament is pathetic. You show us two minutes of the Lady Vols vs Pitt and then cut to two lower seeds playing?!?

Last time I looked, the Lady Vols had six national titles and were the most successful program in women’s college basketball. That and being a number one seed should take priority over some crappy other game between two Yankee schools (Rutgers, Michigan State) playing.

The least you could do is show the game locally for the Lady Vols fans in the region. I bet a lot more people care about this game locally than the pathetic game you chose to go with.

I bet if it were UConn, you’d be all over it, gushing about how great they were and kissing Gino Auriema’s ass.

Your bias is showing…though I don’t know why I expect anything different from you.

Big Orange Michael


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