>Getting my head around it all.

>So, we’ve now met four of the final five Cylon models. At what point next year does D’Ana wake up and reveal the last one?

If you’ve not seen the third season finale for Battlestar Galactica, there are SPOILERS here…

What I’ve liked about the past two season of Battlestar Galactica is that the cliffhangers aren’t all about direct peril. Yes, this year the fleet is under attack and has to recharge for 20 minutes…but the bigger cliffhanger is the return of Starbuck and she knows the way to Earth. Again, back to my parallel to the first episode of DS9, it follows here. Both Sisko and Kara kept coming back to one spot in their memory in each episode and now they’ve both apparently found a wormhole….

OK, not sure about the wormhole part, but I am just filling the blanks a bit here.

And is that why the Cylons are in the nebula–to find Starbuck and have her lead them to Earth?

Man, why do we have to wait progressively longer every year between seasons of Galactica?


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