>During spin class tonight, I had an odd moment. No, I wasn’t having a heart attack or some other kind of physical ailment–thank goodness.

No, it was one of those deja-vu type of moments.

As we were climbing the imaginary hill, I glanced over into the doorway and saw one of the YMCA people giving a tour to someone. It was the “come see the sweaty people” part of the tour.

Anyway, I glanced over and saw a woman who I could swear looked exactly like a woman I went to college with. Yes, she looked a bit older (but then again I would too), but just a lot of small thing seemed to add up and say–Debby Vaughn, who I knew back in the good ol’ days at UT.

I tried to make eye contact and see if it was here or if I could get some glimmer of recognition…but I was near a support column and am not sure if she saw me. So, who knows…and now the now knowing is going to drive me crazy for at least ten minutes.


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