>TV Round-Up: 24

>Day Six, 9 – 10 p.m.
Even by the logic 24 follows, I’m still having trouble making sense of this episode. So, Wayne Palmer risks his life and his health to make sure that Daniels doesn’t nuke the country-to-be-named later-istan and then in the last two minutes of the episode orders that the nuclear strike still commence? Ummmmmmmmmm, can anyone explain this to me? I realize that we had the line from Daniels about not wanting to appear weak but why would Wayne be swayed so? Is there something greater wrong with him that led to this apparent about face in his policy?

I realize this is 24 and sometimes twists come from out of left field, but this one seemed to come from really far out of left field.

Which it’s a shame because it ruined what had been a fairly solid storyline in the episode up to the point. I liked seeing the manuevers Daniels pulled to try and remain in power. And you have to admit that Tom’s recording device and using it to blackmail Daniels was a nice touch. The fact that it called back to events earlier in the day was a really nice touch.

But, then it took the abrupt left turn. Suddenly Wayne is acting odd, getting another shot of adrenaline and then deciding to keep on nuking Fayed’s country. I just don’t get it.

What I also don’t get is how candidates on 24 select their running mates. It seems as being the vice-president on this show makes you power mad and willing to go to extreme measures to seize power. Or at least that’s the case for the two Palmer brothers. You’d think Wayne would have learned a lesson or two from David’s time in power….but maybe that’s asking too much.

Meanwhile, the drama continues over at CTU. I think we’re working too hard to set up Mike Doyle for a fall. He delibarately covers up for Milo, which seems a bit odd. I think we, the audience, are more in the loop on the lengths he’s going using to cover up the secruity breaches at CTU. Could it be that he’s causing him? Is he the real mole? And if he is, do we really care that much? We have no investment in this character other than he’s a hard-ass who’s come in to put things back on track. I begin to wonder if this role was originally written for Chase but when that actor wasn’t available we had to go with a new guy instead. At least if it was Chase, we’d have some kind of connection or identification with the character.

And I am officially bored with the whole Tony and Michelle Milo and Nadia romance. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

The romance that is working is Bill and Karen. The scenes of the two on their cell phones talking were nicely done and you felt like this was an actual, real couple.

Meanwhile, Jack is pretty much relegates to the sidelines for half the episode while other dramas unfold. The CTU crew is able to draw Fayed out into the open using Gredenko. They put a radioactive tracer in Gredenko that is burrowed into his bones, so that way he can’t take it out. Man, that shot had to hurt. Anyway, as soon as we hear this, we all know that Gredenko is going to dis-arm–literally. Saw that one coming, but it was still an interesting twist. And it appears that Gredenko has died, which I liked the fact he did. He couldn’t sustain the kind of blood loss he had from loisng an arm.

Man, this guy is dedicated though–to saving his own skin. He turns on Fayed, in a bar full of guys who beat the crap out Fayed. And then Jack gets him. Problem is the two nukes are still out there and there are plenty of other lackeys who can finish carrying out the plot.

Which you know they will when their country gets nuked next week.

Man, I’m still scratching my head over that one…


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