>Pac-Man gone for the year

>NFL commisssion Pete Gedell has made his rule–Adam Jones is gone for a year.

In a move that was pretty much expected all around the league, the commissioner decided to make an example of Jones’ bad behavoir and the consequences of it.

This helps the Titans from a PR standpoint, since their “wait and see what the league does” stance has paid off. On the field, where Jones had his greatest value, it hurts the team. The Titans have lost a playmaker, one who can and did change games last year.

Now the team can move on and start preparing for the post-Jones world. It may hurt the team short-term to lose him, but I think long-term, the time has come to send Jones out of Nashville and to Oakland, where he might fit it a bit better.

Of course, I fully expect this topic to dominate the sports-talk airwaves for the next two days.

And the timing of this news is a mixed blessing for other local sports teams–and I mean you, the Nashville Predators. With this news coming out, the focus won’t be on how the team has self-destructed down the stretch and how tomorrow night’s opening round game of the Stanley Cup playoffs is pretty much a “must win” for them. Nope, instead they will get a pass (until Thursday) as the local sports media dissects the Jones situation and what it means to the future of the Titans.


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