>TV Round-Up

>24: Day Six, 10 – 11 p.m.
The last half of this episode felt more like a season finale than the 17th hour of the day.

Jack may have been MIA the past few hours, but in this one, Jack Baur, Man of Action ™ was back.

In the course of an hour, Jack is able to trick Fayed into giving up where the nukes are, chase the guy down, hang onto the undercarriage of a moving sanitation truck, take out an entire warehouse full of terrorists using only a pistol and smack-down Fayed. Oh and he tells Fayed to say “Hello” to his brother for him after the two beat each other senseless in the warehouse. and Jack has hung Fayed with some conviently dangling chain. Did I miss anything?

And with that, the Fayed and the nukes plotlines is over. The threat is gone and as the final five minutes unfolded, I kept wondering–OK, so now what?

I wondered if there was a secret nuke somewhere or if there was some super-top-secret other agent out there who had another nuke that Jack would have to somehow track down. And then, the phone rings. And it’s Audrey…who is being held by the Chinese. They want something from Jack–and will tell him exactly what it is at the start of the next hour. Until this, we’re left to realize that the Chinese have no chance since Jack can take on anyone and win, esp. when he’s determined. If Audrey is his great love (ummmmmmm, did we forget about Terri? I am guessing so at this point), then no matter what the Chinese send at Jack, they are doomed. I almost feel sorry for them going up against the might that is Jack Bauer.

Yeah, that really was a way to pull a cliffhanger out of left-field wasn’t it?

I’m not sure where all this will go, but I do wonder if this could be the point at which the boat speeds up as we head toward the shark tank….

Meanwhile, pumping Wayne full of adrenaline has made him start to go bad-ass himself. Seems the nuke was a bluff to get Country-that-shall-not-be-namedistan to stand down and give up Fayed’s connection in their government. How gutsy was it to see Wayne ask the ambassador if the interrogators had threatened the general’s family yet and if they hadn’t what were they waiting for? Wayne finally realizes he has to make a bold move or two and be assertive in the office…and he does that. I’m still not sure I buy this new Wayne or not. His actions here seem a bit too reckless. But he does get the job done…I guess he’s taken a page from the Jack Bauer book of leadership.

And then there’s CTU, where poor Milo is jealous that Nadia said something nice about Mike. Is it just me or is anyone else a bit creeped out by stalker/jealous-boy that Milo has become? I talked two weeks ago about how aggressive his kiss was and now we’ve got him getting his nose out of joint that Nadia said something nice about Mike….yeah, and we wonder why Chloe dumped the guy. I think it’s becoming abudently clear.

So, we’ve got seven hours left and a new plotline to pursue. I wonder if the show would have the guts to kill off two of Jack’s great loves–Terri in season one and Audrey in season six.

That could make for a good ending to what has been a rather uneven day for the show.


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