>Sports thoughts

>Well, the Vols got swept by Vandy this weekend in baseball…which sucks! After Vandy dropped two games to lesser teams mid-week, I had hopes the Vols could pull off a couple of upsets. But then again, it goes to show how in college baseball, you build around the weekend series. I have a feeling the pitching match-ups were better and higher calibre to play the Vols where it really mattered more. After all, the best way to punch a ticket to the NCAA field is to get into the SEC Tournmaent and win some games there.

Not to discredit the wins by MTSU or Lipscomb that much, but I wonder if they caught Vandy in a lull between SEC weekends when the pitching staff and team was trying to work out some issues…

Oh well, we still lost and I’m still a bit depressed about it.

I attended a Nashville Kats game last night and I have to say it was a ton of fun. The Kats won, which I have to admit adds to the level of fun just a bit. We were one point from getting free tacos and while I understand why from a football perspective you ice the game with an extra point, it still might been fun to see them go for two so I can save eighty-nine cents at Taco Bell. (Oh wait, the Taco Bell in Smyrna stinks…so maybe they saved me…)

It was a pretty sparse crowd–an announced crowd of just over 8000. But there were a few times it sounded louder in there. The Kats put on a good show overall and I felt the ticket price was really quite reasonable. And I got a cap and a free t-shirt so it’s an even greater value…

I do wonder–why have the Kats not been as embraced? Or was it just last night’s game with so many other sports events going on this weekend?

Or was everyone still depressed that the Preds choked down the stretch yet again….


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