>NFL Draft

>There’s nothing like the NFL draft to spread ten minutes of excitement over two days of long, drawn out blustering.

I love the NFL and I love football. I will admit I’m intrigued to know who my favorite teams (Redskins, Titans) will pick and how that might address needs they have. (Though if you’re the Redskins, it seems they’ve given up on the draft, trading away all their picks to try and assemble some kind of fantasy football-like team at the whim of Dan Snyder). And there’s some interest to see where certain UT players might go and if I can root for them to do well in the pros. (If they go to Dallas or Baltimore, I cannot root for them….it’s just wrong to pull for either of those teams).

As a Titans fan, I found myself wishing they’d pick Robert Meachem just because a)he played for the greatest college team in the known universe and b)they need someone for Vince Young to throw the ball to. But that didn’t happen….oh well.

The thing is now that we’re halfway through the draft, we can start turning out attention toward getting through the long summer and toward the great days of late August and early September when football returns….

It cannot come soon enough.


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