>Does whatever a spider can…

>I’m in this very calm, Zen-like state about seeing Spider-Man 3 tomorrow. Because no matter what the critics say, this is my favorite super-hero of all-time on the big screen and I’m going to enjoy every last second of the film.

I discovered Spider-Man like a lot of my generation probably did–on the Electric Company. Spidey had adventures as part of the show where all his dialogue was presented on screen in balloons. Of course, the secret agenda was to encourage children to learn how to read and let me tell you–it was quite an incentive. I remember I watched a few times with my dad and he’d read the balloons to me but I also recall feeling this intense desire to be able to read the words for myself.

I remember my dad bringing me home one of my first Spider-Man comics soon after I discovered him on the Electric Company and us reading it together. (It’s long since gone and I’m sure would be worth a good sum if I’d kept it in mint condition, but you know, the memories of enjoying it are beyond a price tag…)

I was hooked. I soon discovered Spider-Man had his own cartoon and I eagerly watched it. It’s the famous one of the 60s with one of the greatest theme songs to ever hit the Saturday morning airwaves.

At some point, the obsession spilled over into all aspects of my life to the point that when I’d go places with my mom, I’d be making up stories with me as Spider-Man in my head. I even took at as far as “shooting” webs at people by getting my hands into the web-slinging position and making a “thwipping” sound. Thankfully, I grew out of this (just last week!) phase, though I’m sure my mom was ready for it to be over sooner rather than later.

Which leads me to the other night…I met my sister and her family for dinner. While eating, my nephew began to make the infamous Spidey shoots the web hands and point them at people. My sister asked if he was shooting his Spider-Man webs and he nodded.

First of all, I swear I never taught this trick, though I wish I had. Second of all, I have to admit deep down, I thought it was pretty cool of him to do.

The traditions of one generation passed on to the next….


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