>TV Round-Up

>Lost: The Man Behind the Curtain
I’m of two-mind about the ending to this week’s Lost.

I know that there are five rumored deaths to take place before the season finale this year. But can Locke really be one of them?

On the one hand, it’d be a great way of the show showing us that no-one is safe from the Grim Reaper on the show. But then another part of me goes–wait, they can’t kill Locke, because, well, he’s Locke!

Needless to say, the cliffhanger left me curious and I guess it did what it was supposed to–kept me wondering about the show and eager to tune in for the next episode.

Of course, the story that lead up to it did a pretty good job of this as well. So, we find out that Ben has lied to us all along–he wasn’t born on the island. And it appears he’s worked his way up into the power position as the head of the Others. Apparently he bought his way into their good graces by helping kill all the members of the Dharma Initiative, including his not so hot father. Again, the daddy issues on the island rear their ugly heads with Ben’s dad being quite a piece of work. The constant reminders that Ben’s birthday was the same day his mother died giving birth to him…yeah, real nice there, buddy. I loved the look of quiet desparation on Ben’s face in the last flashback when Dad offered to drive up to the summit and have a few beers on his b’day. Nice touch, especially when you look at where the plotline ends

But at least Ben got a chance to ask his dad the questions he wanted all the answers to…..before killing him.

Meanwhile, Locke got to meet Jacob, who is supposed to be the real power on the island. But we see an empty room and it appears Ben has some kind of issues. Well, at least until Locke apparently hears Jacob speak, asking for help. I have to admit this twist befuddled me a good deal. I wondered how much of it was the writers trying to build up something and building it up so big that nothing we’d see on screen would live up to those expectations.

And then I started to wonder some other things. It appeared Jacob had some kind of psychic powers or was some kind of pyschic force….is that why the Others wanted Walt? Was Ben hoping to somehow make Walt into a force to oppose the power that Jacob has? Or was Walt seen as an heir to Jacob?

Lots of questions….few answers. Gee, why am I not shocked at this development?

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Jack has had a plan all along….but we don’t yet find out what it is. I was a bit annoyed that we had the big “we need to talk” speech by Jack then we never got back to this thread. I guess they have to keep me coming back next week somehow.


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