>TV Round-Up: Lost

>Greatest Hits
It’s a good thing that Desmond has been on the island as long as he has–because in that time, he’s forgotten that when you’ve just offered to take someone’s place on a suicide mission and they tell you to look the other way, you NEVER EVER do that! But, it looks like Desmond has forgotten the cliches of television writing and has ended up with an oar upside the head. I hope Charlie didn’t do any serious damage to our favorite future-foretelling hero….or else he could be in for a fairly brutal death out there in the sun.

So, we reach one week before the big season-finale that promises to change everything. And the main purpose of this episode–to put the pieces in place for the finale next week. The confrontation between the Others and our group is imminent and Jack has finally decided it’s time to fight back.

Along those lines–so, once upon a time, Jack was asking Ana Lucia to help him put together and train the survivors as an army. And while I understand this plan might have gone awry when she died, why’d they let it drop? Couldn’t Sayid have also given the residents of the beach some training? Wouldn’t it make sense to train them so they’d be ready for this day? Of course, you couldn’t use up all your ammo on target practice, but you’d think they’d figure out something to battle the Others. Also, what happened to the big stash of guns Sawyer was sitting on? (I think I need to go to the DVDs and figure out who has the guns or is supposed to at this point….I don’t think Ben took them all with him when he escaped, did he?)

So, now that I’ve nitpicked the episode, let me say that for a putting the pieces in place for a finale, this one was really well done. The flashbacks of five great moments from Charlie’s life was nicely done, even if we could easily predict what number one would be. But doggone it, as Charlie went to meet his fate, if I didn’t get a bit of a lump in my throat. I’m not sure what to chalk it up to–the music setting the mood or just the great job being done by the actors.

Which this brings me to an idea–what if Charlie doesn’t have to die? How interesting would it be for Charlie to defy his alleged destiny and then wonder what he needs to do to save Claire? That kind of journey could be an interesting one for the character to pursue next year…that’s assuming they let him live. What I’m really finding intriuging about this is that I can see the pros and cons of Charlie’s dying in next week’s season finale (I’ve not read spoilers so if you have and know, please don’t tell me!).

It’s this type of questioning and storytelling that makes Lost so compelling and sets my hopes high for the season finale. Say what you will about the show as a whole, it’s delivered two really intriguing season finales and it looks good for this year.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know Locke’s fate (I still say he’s not dead). Also, Ben has moved up the battle and taking the women….which I wonder, how would he communicate this to Juliet? When he shows up in camp and the tents are marked, will he be suspicious?

And I will admit that Jack was being quite a jerk this week. I like the character, but his almost “my way or the highway” style of leadership is a bit grating..and not really what we’ve come to see or expect from the character. I get that he’s embracing his role as reluctant leader for the greater overall good…but it still felt like it was coming a bit out of left field. And everyone seems a bit quick to trust him again–though I wonder how much of that is the influence of Sayid and Sawyer going along with his plan.

And, this being Lost, the plan for Charlie to stop the signal as part one of the big plan has already gone awry. So, anyone want to bet that the woman running the station is Ben’s friend from last week’s flashbacks?


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