>News on shows I obsess about

>So, it’s official: Battlestar Galactica is calling it quits after next season.

Which this is a bit of bittersweet news. It’s bad because, well, no more new Battlestar Galactica. It’s good becuase the creators can plan for the end and wrap up the series and the storylines. And having seen Ron Moore’s work on bringing two Star Trek series to their conclusion, I have high hopes for what he’ll do here.

I just wonder if SciFi will break up the next season into two chunks of 11 episodes each so they can maximize the hype for the final season.

Meanwhile, onto my all-time favorite show–Doctor Who. Seems the British tabloid The Sun is publishing rumors the BBC will pull the plug after next season (4th for the new show, 30th overall for the series). I’ve heard from several people about this, most of them in the “sky is falling” mode.

To which I have to say this–what they’re reporting is the behind the scenes crew is not signed on past next year, esp. producer Russell T. Davies. Doctor Who has survived behind the scenes transitions before and could do so again if Davies decides four years running the show is enough. And I can’t honestly see the BBC letting the show go right now. It’s extremely popular in the UK and it’s an iconic show. It’s getting great ratings, selling well in sydnication and making a ton of money in the tie-in’s. So, I don’t see it going away any time soon….

And the rumor was reported by The Sun…not exactly a bastion of journalistic excellence.


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