>Spoiling the niece and nephew

>Whenever anyone asks me what I like about living where I do, one of my first responses is the proximity to my neice and nephew. I love being close enough to them that every once in a while I can take them out for an afternoon with Uncle Michael.

I was able to do that last week, taking each of them out on their own separate afternoon for some fun with Uncle Michael. D and I went to the pool and enjoyed a fun afternoon of splashing in the pool and going down the slides (well, him more than me…there are adult slides at the Y, but I was not going to leave a three-year old to fend for himself while I climbed up the slide…that and it’s hard on the knees to crawl up there. Yes, it’s official, I’m getting old.) When I first went to pick him up, D wanted to make sure G was coming with us–until I said that it was only Uncle Michael and D time. At first, he looked kind of confused and bewildered….this lasted a tenth of a second and then he said, “You mean only you and me?” When I nodded, a big grin broke out on his face.

Of course, I did pay for it because when I said “Hi” to G, I got a dirty look. Good things look can’t kill…

After our time at the pool, D wanted to head over to my house to eat some fruit snacks (Uncle Michael keeps them on hand) and watch Spider-Man cartoons. A few years ago, I picked up the box-set of Spider-Man cartoons from the 60s and he and I are slowly working our way through them.

As we watched Spider-Man battle the Lizard, Davis saw the graphic novel collection of Ultimate Spider-Man I’d checked out of the library. He grabbed it and insisted I read it to him. I was a bit wary of this because some of it could be a bit intense for him, so I steered him to parts of Spider-Man swinging around the city with his new girlfriend. Unfortunately, this lead to a page wherein Spider-Man kisses his new girlfriend.

D looked at the page and pointed. “Is that Spider-Man’s girlfriend?”

“Yes, it is,” I replied.

He looked at the page and then looked at me. “Uncle Michael, where’s your girlfriend?”

“I don’t have one, D,” I said.

“Oh,” he said, looking kind of perplexed. “Why not?”

Boy, if only I had the answser to that one, buddy….

I also can’t help but wonder if my sister put him up that line of questioning….

Friday afternoon, I took G to see Shrek III. I’d promised her a while ago we’d go and see the new Shrek movie in the theater when it came out. Luckily when I went to pick her up, D was napping so I didn’t have to endure any more dirty looks.

G and I made it to the theater, got our tickets and then got our popcorn and drinks. She got her own small popcorn and small Sprite, which seemed to please her. Then, we found our way to the theater and settled in for the show to begin. Now, here’s the thing–we got tickets for the 2:30 show and I expected that it’d start up around 2:30. We took our seats at 2:34 and nothing yet….and the full show didn’t even start until around 2:40.

I started to feel officially old as the previews came up–and the first one was for a PG-13 rated movie. It was for Transformers (which BTW the preview did nothing to make me want to run to a theater and see it when it comes out). It was kind of dark and scary. I looked over and G said, “This is scary. I don’t like it. When is it over?” Luckily, it ended soon….and then we got at least five more trailers. To the point that even I was getting antsy for the film the start. Also, I’d say that of these other trailers, only two of them really went along with the age appropiate level that was going to see Shrek.

I guess I’m officially an old fuddy-duddy now…but there you have it.

And this was before we got the three minute piece on how great the digitial system was that was showing us the movie. I could have done with a thirty-second piece saying it was being used and not had the last two plus minutes of people on the street talking about how great it was.

Finally, the show began and we both enjoyed–though I suspect G enjoyed it more than I did. Honestly, the latest Shrek is no where in the same leagues as the first two. I can only imagine how the fourth and fifth installments will be….

After the movie, we headed home with singing along to one of the songs on the radio (it was 94 FM, the Fish…so we’re safe). I found out later that G told my mom that she liked the movie and even got her own popcorn and soda, but that she shouldn’t have because “it was too expensive.”

Thankfully, G made no inquiries into my social life.


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