>Totaly Random

>I was watching my season five Seinfeld DVDs the other day and came across “The Fat-Free Yogurt” episode.

For those of you who don’t have every episode memorized, it’s the one with the fat-free yogurt that turns out to not be fat-free. Part of the storyline is set against the race (at the time) for mayor of New York between Dinkins and Rudi Guillani. Guillani wins and as the epiosde concludes, he has a small speech that was recorded specifically for the episode.

So, my brain got to working and I wondered this–has this episode been pulled from syndication while Guillani is running for president?

We’ve heard so much about Fred Thompson’s zillion hours of Law and Order being pulled if he should decide to run eventually someday maybe. So, I’m assuming the same rule applies to this episode of Seinfeld. So, it looks like another victim of the incredibly long, protracted presidential race is Seinfeld


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