>Interesting Quotes of the Week

>I’ve heard a couple of interesting quotes this week and wanted to share them (so I don’t forget them).

Rick and Bubba on the immigration debate and the bill that failed:
Right now, the immigration issue is like having a water leak in the second story bathroom of your house and you’ve got water pouring down the walls and into the basement. But instead of trying to fix the leak and then dealing with cleaning up the mess it’s created, we’re trying to clean up the water in the basement and wondering why no matter what we do, there’s more water collecting and running down the walls.

Heard at the Loop, Monday evening by speaker-guy Andy Savage:
Here’s the difference between mercy and grace. Mercy is when you see a grandmother on the side of the interestate and you stop to help her change her tire. Grace is when you help her change her tire despite the fact that she’s cussing you out and shooting at you.

So, their not really connected in any tangible way…but they’ve been rolling around in my head all week. Figured I’d share them here and get them off the old noggin’ (at least for a moment).


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