>It’s Harry Potter mania

>If you’re a Harry Potter fan in the way I’m a Doctor Who fan, you must be on overload as we go through the next two weeks.

First up is the fifth Harry Potter movie that hits theaters Wednesday (and we here in Nash-vegas can see it on the IMAX with the last 20 minutes in 3-D….man, talk about exciting!) and then a week from Saturday, the last installment of the series comes out.

Or is it?

I saw a report this morning that fans are already petitioning J.K. Rowling to write an eighth novel in the series. (I imagine a lot of bookstores are as well, since beyond this, what other “event” books do they have that will draw sales like those of the boy wizard?). I haven’t decided if I’m going to sign the petition or not. I am taking a “wait and see” attitude on this. I want to see how Rowling ends the series before I decide if there should be anymore.

Take it from a sci-fi fan whose read a lot of the later works of Robert Heinlein and Issac Asimov in which both authors went back to the well several times too many. Sometimes having a series end is a good thing.

That said, I must admit I am a bit wary of this final volume of the Potter saga. For so long, it’s been so built-up and speculated about that I can’t help but wonder–will it live up to the hype, both real and imagined?

I guess we’ll all find out a week from Saturday.


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