>Conversation with my nephew

>Saturday evening, we had a big family gathering at my parent’s house. Some cousins were in town and we decided to have a family dinner together and to catch-up a bit.

Let me just say that two of the things I love most in this world are a good meal and spending time with my family. So, combine the two and it’s all great.

During dinner, I was sitting next to my nephew (he’d have it no other way and had told me long before we sat down I was eating with him) about his recent trip to the beach. I was asking him how he liked it when he looked up and me and asked, “How come you didn’t go to the beach with me?”

I replied, “It was a trip for your family.” (Meaning: his immediate family of he, sister and parental units).

He looked at me, a bit perplexed. Then he said, “You’re my family. Next time I go to the beach, you have to come too.”


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