>TV Round-Up: Rescue Me

>I’ve heard a bit of discussion the past few weeks that the current season of Rescue Me hasn’t been developing quite as quickly as everyone would like.

I think it’s not so much that it’s not developing a central arc to the season, so much as it’s doing it without being obvious about it.

The past few episodes have dealt with each of the guys in the firehouse losing their faith. Ever since the death of the Chief, the guys have been slowly spiralling down, almost as if without the central father-figure in the Chief, they’re lost and adrift. We’ve also seen several of the guys have a general disconnect with the women in their lives and a growing sense of alienation.

After watching this week’s episode, that became more and more obvious, esp. when it comes to central character, Tommy Gavin. Tommy had had everything he believes in fundamentally shattered in the past few episodes. He seems to doubt that anyone loves him–unless they have some motive or want something in return from him. He’s slowly spiralling down and it may only be a matter of time before he goes back to his old ways of drinking to cover the pain (in fact, I’m shocked we haven’t seen him take a drink yet). But yet, he’s trying to convince everyone and himself that it’s all OK and that he’s doing fine. We saw a huge example of how his mind is playing tricks on him last week as the words on the page kept morphing and changing in his perception.

And then we get to this week…

Now, if you’ve not seen Rescue Me yet, turn back now.

The baby. The baby that is, apparently, Johnny’s. Sheila offered to take the baby since it’s apparent the baby and Janet aren’t bonding. Janet’s depression is taking a toll on everyone in Tommy’s family. We saw the dream a few weeks ago of Janet leaving the baby at the story, only for the baby to meet with disaster. Now, Tommy has taken matters into his own hands…and appears to see only one solution. He won’t give the baby to Sheila, he won’t leave him with Janet and he doesn’t want to be the father the baby needs because of the complicated history here. So, he takes the baby to the river and it looks like he’s ready to drop the kid in and leave…

And that’s where it ends…

Leaving us hanging for next week.

One one hand, I think that while we did have the whole plot of attack on Janet last year that this is even far too dark a place to take Tommy Gavin. If they do go through with it (which I doubt they will), it makes Tommy too far beyond redemption for us to watch the show anymore. Doesn’t it? I know that Rescue Me can be, at times, like a train wreck….it’s horrible but yet you can’t look away from it.

I can see a solution to this and it seems fairly obvious. Lou talked about wanting kids. Tommy will take the baby to Lou to take care of.

Because the other option on the table seems way too dark, even for this show.


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