>Happiness Challenge Day 3

>This weekend is my annual family reunion for my mom’s side of the family. My grandfather was one of seven children and when my great-grandmother passed away, the family didn’t want to “drift apart” and decided to create an annual reunion. The reunion takes place each year on the first weekend of August and it’s a great time to catch up with family and eat some really great food. (I’ve been spinning hard this week and will spin hard next week to burn off all the calories I am about to consume this weekend…)

I’m blessed to have such a great, supportive family. I am constantly reminded of this. This side of the family loves to get together for celebrations and can be counted on to be supportive and there for each other in every way possible during the inevitable down times in everyone’s lives. I have been looking forward to the reunion for several weeks now and I will be heading out the door to my old stomping grounds of Knoxville in a few hours.

Tonight, we’re having a wedding reception for a cousin who is getting married on a beach in Fiji in a few months. It’s a Hawaiian themed reception and I’ve got my Hawaiian shirt ready. While I’ll be nowhere near as cool as my niece and nephew, I will still try to have the island spirit in my apparel choice.


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