>Happiness Challenge, Day 10

>The theme song to Cheers tells us that sometimes it’s nice to go “where everybody knows your name.”

It’s a nice feeling to be recognized and greeted by people. It’s one of the reasons I patronize the bank I do. I may not have as much money as Bill Gates, but the way everyone at my local branch greets me, knows my name and inquiries about how I’m doing and asks about my family–it’s just a nice touch. And it doesn’t really cost them anything, but it’s gained them my business. (I used a certain other popular bank for years and felt like little more than a number and a huge pain in the you-know-what when I’d come into the branches…and not just those in my area, but really most of them I’d been to).

Another place where I’m recognized is at the Y. Of course, some of you could say that it’s because I go to the Y just about every day. But there’s a couple of faces at the Smyrna Y who always take the time to greet me by name, even before I’ve scanned my card. And I guess I’ve become very regular in my attending spin classes because as one checked me in today, she automatically went for a spin pass-even though there were no classes scheduled again until tomorrow morning.

Being greeted warmly and made to feel at home is a nice touch. It’s not earth-shattering, but it’s something that makes me happy. And it’s something I hope I can take with me and use in my own life–greeting people with a smile and (hopefully) recalling their names to pass along a bit of happiness one step further into the world.


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