>Happiness Challenge, Day 11

>So, yesterday I talked about how there are two places I go to a regular basis where they know me by name.

A third would be the Breaking Bread restaurant here in Smyrna. Every Saturday they have an all-you-can-eat good old fashioned Southern breakfast that is out of this world. I go on a pretty consistent basis–so much so that they know about the time I will come in, what I want to drink and how I want my eggs cooked. The food is great, the service is warm and friendly and it’s just a great place to enjoy a good meal. I keep saying I’ve got to get by for lunch at some point…and I will make it one of these days.

A good, satisfying meal to start off the weekend…and yes, I know that a lot of the food isn’t on the lean and lively section of the menu, but you gotta live a little every once in a while!

Also, I’m happy that my two favorite NFL teams kick-off the pre-season tonight. The Redskins journey to Nashville to take on the Titans. It will be great to see both teams back in action. nad it’d make me even happier if this could, somehow, be a preview of the Super Bowl.


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