>Titans vs Redskins thoughts

>The NFL Network has got to be annoyed. I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons they decided to send a crew to televise last night’s pre-season game of the Titans vs the Redskins was the chance to feature Vince “I’m on the cover of Madden 2008” Young on national TV.

And what does Vince go and do–violate team rules and get himself suspended for the game.

I bet that wiped out a ton of the pre-show prep the two announces for NFL Network had done, all about Vince Young.

It also lead to us seeing just how much the team needs Vince Young this year and how I am crossing my fingers, toes and anything else I can to make sure Vince avoids the Madden cover curse.

Wow, what a less than inspiring game . I’m not sure which of my two teams I’m more worried about when it comes to offense. The Redskins first string offense could do nothing with the ball….of course, the Titans didn’t do a lot with it either. Again, part of it could be that Kerry Collins had no clue he’d be thrown into the first-team offense. And that unsettles me as well–because if he’s one play away from jumping in and he looks that unsettled…

::doing the please don’t get injured Vince Young dance:::

Anyway, not a great game…but then again, what pre-season game is a great game? I guess the good news is the defenses on both sides looked good.

It’s too early to make any definitive statements…but I bet this will be a much different game when these two teams meet in the Super Bowl in February.


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