>TV Round-Up: Damages

>Last week, I broke my rule of not watching previews for fear of them giving away too much or amping up my expectations to such a high level that no episode could ever live up to them.

And the later reason may have been the reason that I found this week’s episode of Damages to just be, well, OK.

We’re seven episodes in and the show seems to be taking the route of The X-Files when it comes to giving us answers about this huge conspiracy that’s going on. We’ve got a whole lot of questions about what’s happened, what is happening and who is playing who and where the true loyalties of many of these characters lie.

And the preview for this week promised us some big, earth-shattering events that would start to provide some of those answers…

The thing is–outside of the last five or so minutes, we really didn’t cover any new ground. The only big revelation in the first fifty minutes was that Ellen was staying at Patty’s apartment because of a fight she’d had with David. Other than that, nothing really new.

There were some interesting twists and upping the ante in the last five minutes. The fact that Tate Donovan’s character is apparently selling out Ellen isn’t that huge a twist or shock. We’ve seen how loyal the character is to Patty repeatedly throughout the series.

Anyway, I just have to say I came away kind of disappointed. I wanted more…I expected more. And I don’t feel like I got the promised answers from the preview seemed to indicate would be there.


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