>Saturday Thoughts


  • Kentucky defeated Arkansas tonight by a wide margin. Kentucky is undefeated in football?!? :::Checks Revelation::: Yep, the apocalypse is upon us.
  • Kind of annoyed that Ole Miss could give Florida a better game than the Vols could last week. Of course, they had guys who could stretch the field in the passing game and we don’t have that big threat yet. That helps. Keeps the defense a bit more honest.
  • Found out FOX 17 is showing the Redskins vs Giants game tomorrow, which means I’ll be able to see all my favorite teams play this weekend. That’s good news.
  • Watched UT take on Arkansas State at the new local sports bar. Overall, it’s good to see the passing offense stretch the field and roll up some big yards as well as see special teams play better. Running wise, we did better but not great…it’s going to take a solid run game to defeat UGA in a few weeks…and I want to defeat UGA. Defensively we made some good plays in spots but overall, the tackling is still poor and letting their guy average over 10 yards per rush is not going to get it done in the SEC.
  • File this one under “Why Big Orange Michael” is still single. So, at halftime went to the men’s room to relieve myself. Came back and found people huddled around my table…a couple of guys of various ages and a cute girl. “We’re guarding your table for you, man,” one of the guys says. I invite them to sit use the two chairs at the table…I’m not using them. So, they’re all thanking me and the cute girl sits down with me. “Are you a UT fan?” she asks. “Yes, I am,” I tell her. “Want to hear a UT joke?” she asks. She then tells me an amusing joke I won’t repeat here but let’s just say it’s not exactly complimentary to the Vols. I laugh slightly and then we all get introduced. Her name is Erika and she’s got some friends who are guys…they’re out celebrating one guy named Todd’s b’day. After getting all the names and offering mine, I smile and joke, “Wow, lots of names to remember and I suck at remembering names.” And which point Erika replies, “Well, I think I’m kind of hurt by that” and yours truly never really recovers from the foot in mouth disease. Shame really, because from what I gather this was a bunch of random friends with the token female along in her…and she’d been pretty flirty up to that point. Oh well…chalk it up to “Why I’m single” I guess.
  • Signs you are too big a UT fan. You see an attractive woman come into the sports bar, think she’s cute and then see she’s got a Bama shirt on and think “Well, maybe not that cute…”

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