>It’s UT vs UGA…

>It’s beat Georgia week and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Back in my years at UT and the first few years out, no matter how inconsistently the Vols played the first few games, you could always count on them playing a complete game against the Bulldogs. We owned the Bulldogs, keeping them in the dog house where they belonged and leading to a lot of UGA fans having the sentiments expressed the picture here.

Now, here we are in the 2007 season and things are looking rocky on Rocky Top. And it’s time for the Vols to get out there, suck it up, show some pride and own the Bulldogs. It’s time to take back Rocky Top as an intimidating place that opposing teams fear coming into. It’s time for the Vols to make tackles on defense, run the ball on offense and make the big plays necessary to win the game. And you know what, I think they can do it. And it’s also time for those who claim to be faithful to the Big Orange to quit whining, quit arm-chair quarterbacking and get behind this team. If you’re at the game, be loud and get UGA to commit errors. Don’t let them audible in our house. Show them what a real stadium in the SEC sounds like when you’re the road team.

I lived in Georgia for a bit of time earlier this decade…and let me just say there is no bigger group of impossible to please fans than UGA ones. They can’t handle winning and they sure as hell can’t handle losing. Since they’re going to be bitter either way, I say the Vols give them reason to be bitter by winning this game, handily. Show them last year’s hanging half-a-hundred on them was no fluke.

It’s been a not so hot September…but thanks to Auburn, the Vols hold their own destiny in their hands. The road to the SEC Championship game starts this Saturday. It’s time for the Vols to go out, play the complete game I know they can and start a new winning streak against the Bulldogs. Send the Dawgs back to the doghouse and GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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