>Georgia sent to the Dawg-House!

>Just as I predicted, Tennessee came out and played their best game of the season. From the first play, you could see the Tennessee pride all over the field.

THAT, my friends, is Tennessee football. Strong, shutdown defense with lots of good, fundamentally sound tackling, a strong rushing game and a quarterback making good decisions. And we got the big trick play to start the second quarter and pretty much doom Georgia for the rest of the day.

The Rocky Top faithful were loud and proud–and our team gave us something to be proud of today. It was a great win for the Vols and now we’ve got our destiny in our hands. Time to start building on this great win and take care of business on the field.

Only two niggling complaints….one is that Tennessee took the foot off the gas too early in the game. The other is that the officiating was TERRIBLE in this game. Some of the worst officiating I’ve seen in a long time…and that’s saying a lot. Terrible, terrible calls, esp. the stupid pass interference call that was DEFINITELY on Georgia in the end zone….that last TD Georgia got is on you ref….way to give them one. I’m not sure if you noticed, but UT had more than beat the spread for the game, so you lost your bet anyway. But that’s what you get for betting against the Vols.

And, once again, the Vols have a winning streak over UGA…how can you not love that?!? A great game for the Vols….in every last aspect of the game. Rocky Top was rockin’ today and it was awesome. I’m proud of my team and our fans for showing up and being loud. And I love every last shot CBS shot showed of the UGA fans looking sad….love it, love it, LOVE IT!

IT’S……GREAT…..TO….BE……A….TENNESSEE VOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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