>UT 27, South Carolina 24 (OT)

>Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

I feel like I aged 20 years in the second half of tonight’s game.

Second week in a row Tennessee could do nothing in the second half. Not on defense, not on offense…nothing. You let a 21-0 lead evaporate. You let South Carolina get back into a game you clearly had in hand at the half. And you have to hang on by the skin of your teeth to win.

I am sick of the defense making every third-bit, third-rate QB and receiver on the other team look like Heisman Trophy candidates. Two weeks in a row this has happened, esp. in the second half. Terrible, terrible, terrible. At some point when they’ve run the same damn play seventeen times for a first down, you’d think–maybe, just maybe we should try to defend that.

And some of the bad decisions down the stretch. Let’s waste TWO freakin’ time-outs in the last ninety seconds. Absolutely terrible and we’re lucky that didn’t come back to bite us.

And here’s a note to you ESPN–if I gave a rat’s posterior about the overrated Big 10 game you’ve been hyping all week between two teams that would have four losses each if they played in a real league (and by real, I mean the only league that is worth a damn, the SEC), I’d watch. I don’t need an update every time Joe Pa has a heart attack on the sidelines or they get in the red zone or the water boy for Ohio State mixes some more Gatorade (Ooohhh…this time he’s making lemon-lime! Let’s discuss that strategy!) I don’t care about that game because, quite frankly, neither team is worth my time or attention since, again, they don’t play in the SEC.

And I swear to you ESPN, why do you let Todd Blackledge call UT games? He is the worst at making whoever UT plays sound like they give lessons on sainthood to Mother Theresa. And Lytton’s….you should’ve refused to serve the guy after his deplorable coverage of UT vs Penn State in the bowl game last year.

And not nearly enough shots of frustrated Spurrier in the first half. This is why I tune in (well, that and my obsessive love of UT football). I was contemplating sending Spurrier a visor to throw, telling him every time he threw it, it raised money for the children.

Oh and anyone know the irony of this loss? In 1998, Spurrier brings in Florida, loses in OT when his kicker chokes and misses a field-goal. Now, nine years later, same thing happens again, only this time it’s to South Carolina. You know, that knowledge alone makes me kind of happy…


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