>Tennessee 59, LA-Lafeytte 7

>A few minutes before game-time (and if you have to ask–for which game, please check out the name of this blog) I headed over to my local new favorite sports bar to take in the contest….only to get there and find out the geniuses at the pay-per-view provider decided to blackout the game to the state of Tennessee.


So, you cost yourself the chance to make a lot of money in-state but also cost a lot of sports bars and other such establishments some money during the middle of the afternoon by this bone-head decision. Stupid, stupid, stupid is all I can say.

So, I was forced to pretend I was living in the days before we had 1700 sports outlets and listen to the game on the radio. (I’ll take it in Monday on the repeat on CSS). And you know, I’m sorry I couldn’t see the Vols finally having a game where they just blew someone out. It sounded like a lot of fun for the offense as they just racked up yards and points in the game. Exactly the kind of game the Vols needed to get rid of the South Carolina hangover and to say, “LeMarcus Who?” And the defense played well, except for the first series of the second half. I’m not saying this fixes anything nor does it mean we’ll run the table, but it’s good to have a confidence building game like this. Oh yeah, and it’s nice for the team to play in the second half.

That said, I hear there’s a game this afternoon and the rest of the NFL is taking the day off….or they might as well be. Don’t get me wrong–I’m intrigued by the Colts vs Patriots, but it’d be nice if ESPN pretended like other teams are playing this afternoon. That said, I hope the C0lts win as I hate the Patriots. Well, except Randy Moss who is on one of my fantasy teams. So, he can have a great day and the Colts can win…making it win-win for me.

Of course, I’m sure that we’ll somehow get a game break to cover what the new manager of the Yankees had for lunch…because for some reason, the sports world thinks we all care about. I could care less who manages the Yankees. Please, stop forcing this non-story on us!


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