>Let the whining continue…

>The “little brother” complex that a lot of Vandy fans seem to have is rearing its ugly head this week.

This morning’s example was during the Wake-Up Zone on 104.5 the Zone. Kevin “I love Vandy more than life” Ingram and other Vandy fans called in with the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” thing and implied that UT fans can’t and shouldn’t enjoy our victory on Saturday. Why? Well, because Vandy should have won that game!

And then, according to this logic, we shouldn’t enjoy the season we’re having because we should have lost to South Carolina, too. And we all know Vandy beat them, so once again Vandy must be better than UT.

But the kicker–and this just made me almost drive off the road with laughter–is how those calling in and behind the microphone were talking about how while Vandy still found a way to lose, it wasn’t as bad as it used to be. So, from what I hear, Vandy is getting better at losing. In years past they were simply pulling inept plays out of their posterior and now, well, they’re finding ways to rack up quality losses. And almost winning…almost, but not quite. And, of course, they’re all quick to bring up that–hey, we won two years ago. Yes, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time.

Following this logic, the Redskins should have won the game yesterday against the Cowboys. If we could take back that interception that Jason Campbell threw on third and ten, then we’d have gone on, got a touchdown and won the game by two points. Also, the Titans should be undefeated or at least only have one loss because they should have made that field goal against the Bucs and we should’ve had that catch against the Colts to get us in field goal range, where we would definitely have kicked one and won the game.

But those things didn’t happen and my teams lost the games. But the difference is that while I’m disappointed with the reality of the situation, I accept that it happened and I’m also counting down to when the Cowboys come to FedEx and take on the Redskins on our home turf. I have a feeling that will be a heck of a game and have a very different ending. Our fans will be into it and the Redskins are a team on the rise. We may not make it this year having dug a big hole for ourselves, but I think what we’re building will carry over to next year. Also, to NBC, please stop flex scheduling the Patriots onto the Sunday night game. The Redskins vs Cowboys yesterday was a far more compelling and competitive game than showing us the Pats roll over the pathetic Bills.

But, back to my original point….accept the reality, Vandy. You lost. You found a way to choke the game away. And sure, maybe it was, in your eyes, a quality loss and when you look at film, you’ll think you should have won the game. But the reality is, you didn’t. The Vols won and while it wasn’t an impressive, dominating win like the week before, when it all shakes out, we won and you didn’t.


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